We are dedicated to bringing the Performing Arts to the surrounding communities.  After suffering a fire in our old location and working in random businesses around the area we have finally found studio space of our own. Located at 409 Grant Place in Park Ridge and under new ownership, WIP Performing Arts formally known as The WIP Training Center will officially open its doors again for Summer 2019. We are doing our best to give the very best programming for our students.  Since it is a new space and we are starting up mostly from the beginning again any type of donations would be great at this time. We have a gofundme page and an Amazon Wish list.  We’d really like to get dance mirrors put up in our studio soon as well as start to rebuild our materials lost in our prior location. WIP Performing Arts is a stand alone company and has no affiliation with any other businesses at this time. Thank you all for your support and we look forward to seeing you soon!


Thank you,

Erin Ammer & Hannah Luthringer